Two Comedians from Indonesia Have Died

Jumat, 03 April 2015

Indonesia-Jakarta -- the world of comedy homeland back grieve. After the departure of Olga Syahputra , now betawi comedian Nuri Sarinuri or familiarly called Mpok Nori died . The news spread through a short message on friday ( 4 / 3 / 2015 ) morning .' inna lillaaahi wa inna ilaihi roojiuun . Has been passed away to rahmatullah Mpok Nori, hours 7.40 GMT at the PASAR REBO HOSPITAL. May god forgives all sins for deceased, forgive all mistakes of deceased ... aamiin yra.'

As contacted, the Pasar Rebo Hospital  justify.' right that Mpok Nori died around the clock ', now the bodies were still in the hospital, ' said officers  Pasar Rebo Hospital named Didi when contacted by He uncover; a deceased person Mpok Nori died because there is a disorder in her lungs.' the pain of a disorder in the lungs and impairment of consciousness because old age, ' clear Didi said that. Past several years the health condition of comedian aged 84 years old moving up and down. Mpok Nori was treated for nearly 2 weeks with a disease typhus.

Mpok Nori was born in Jakarta , 10 August in 1930 , widely known in the style and straight Betawi twang of being condensed . Mpok Nori early career started from Betawi lenong show and began after widely known to play in  Indonesia comedian serial tv show that  was ' pepesan kosong' . In addition to acting , she also had art houses. (From Mut).

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