Aka-Name, A Ghost Fawner Impurities From Japan

Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014

Aka-name is a small goblin-like yokai who inhabit most public bath houses and dirty. He is like a child or a small adult, although it generally appears much smaller because of its bent posture. He has hair like a slimy greasy MOP on top of his head. Her body was nude, her skin as oily hair. Aka-name appears in a variety of colors and types, ranging from dark green speckled reminds us of the fungus, to reddish pink color as scar. They appeared in two types either double-edged or single-edged, and can have one to five fingers and toes. All Aka-name has a long sticky tongue that they use to lick the mucus, fat, hair, and other impurities found in houses for bathing and toilet at the back of the House.

They also like cockroaches, rats, lice, and a variety of other pests, Aka-name hated cleanliness, well-kept homes, and only appears where the owners lack the discipline of maintaining hygiene. They are shy and avoid humans, spread out in the light like a cockroach. However, they could spread the disease, so better keep your bathroom and home clean enough so that Aka-name doesn't want to settle down.

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