The Story of Mystery The End of 2011

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

The end of December 2011, when the night comes, there's a week my friend comes home. Then, a new show at the time the nine nights. When would you like to enter the House suddenly my friend was shocked by some of the apparitions he saw that a pocong and kuntilanak. Simultaneously he shocked continues to go into my room. Then my friend contacted a friend of his who was able to repel the creatures. After waiting for about 30 minutes he finally came. He came up with a friend. When about to go home all of a sudden he intercepted the occupants supra 112. As if my friend is not allowed to go home. Finally my friend could overcome the appearance of supernatural beings with science prodigy.

Then we took the discussion along. One of my friend said her home should be cleaned of supernatural beings residents. My friend who also has the ability to more story to us all if the House I inhabit was grave, the massacre of the criminals there and buried his remains were only granted on the ground around the House that I inhabit. After discussion it was show time at 10 pm.

Finally my friend agreed that house cleaning from residents of the evil supernatural that still living at home. My friend asked the media to be prepared in salt and cooking oil sparingly placed above a dinner plate. Then my friend looking for a place on the terrace behind the House to do meditation. After that he started to meditate and recite the prayers. We waited for him to meditate to time shows at 2 am in the morning. Once in a while I saw my friend burning paper that reads the spell inscribed with Arabic letters are already in the pray for last while mixed with salt, media and cooking oil that I put above the plate. When you're done meditating and praying, then the media have been burnt and mixed with salt and oil were turned into black ash. Then, my friend asked sprinkled ashes prayer last throughout the home that I inhabit. Upon completion of Eve home seemed cool, not hot anymore.

My friend said that the House has completed fenced in. Only certain people can see the invisible fence. My friend said that fence was installed in the form of supernatural light in the form of x-rays. when there is an unseen evil beings who are willing to approach the House that I inhabit, these creatures will run out of fear will burn down the drain because of the strength of the fence.

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