Two Men Who Like Make A Problem

Senin, 19 November 2012

On 20 September 2012  while returning from Semarang as usual I drove a motorbike into the House. That time happens to be the indicated ten o'clock at night. After entering the motor suddenly heard the sound of someone walking in the steps of the north side of the House my wife. Because feel suspicious then I took the flashlight. I see some places that sound source with a flashlight. I found two people there. One man is squat and the other was standing. They highlighted the unfinished battery suddenly I tried with gravel. I think maybe they are crazy people. Fortunately they are not exposed to throw at my body.
The next morning i report to local residents. Turns according to story local residents the two men love do troublemakers in the village shelter my wife. Because i felt never done nothing finally i told to my father in-law. After heard my story my father-in-law angry and invited me to the nearest police station to report the incident to the police.
When the police want to prosecute their case turns out they instead run off to hide from other areas. The police felt challenged by them. Police then gave time for two days so that they can be accountable for the actions of those who always make trouble in the area. Finally they gave up and beg for peace. Our family agreed with their peaceful petition from any waiver they are written.

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