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Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Asep naive country boy but a very confident, challenged to find a decent job, to marry his beloved sweetheart, Lilis. Because, her father Lilis, Abah Dading never agree daughter only child in touch with Asep. Because it works only Asep herding buffalo and plow the fields. Her father wanted to marry a college student who is believed to have a bright future.

For the sake of proving himself capable of being successful and wealthy, Asep decided to go to the big city. Arriving in town, Asep lived in a rented house with swollen, Bonar, and Wanda. Asep do fast motion by filing job applications to various companies armed with his high school diploma. Confusion and despair began to hit Asep. Moreover Lilis got word that her father had found a rich man for her life companion. Lilis doesn't want to lose him. Eventually Asep urged to quickly get a decent job. Because, she had make an agreement with the direction that if within a period of 3 months Asep has not got a job, Asep willing to give up and accept her choice of Lilis father's proposal.

Meanwhile, Asep not also get a job and confusion finally Bonar and swelled the same shaman told Asep consultation. The Shamans also recommends Asep Nyepi in a tamarind tree (banyan tree) which is believed sacred. A shaman also provides a record of spells that must be read during Nyepi in a tamarind tree was sacred. Shamans are also reminded that the offerings were taken should be complete without one any less.

After doing Nyepi in sacred tamarind tree, strange happenings and even disturbing Asep ridiculous. Somehow, Asep often visited by an apparition of pocong ngesot. And not just Asep, swollen, Bonar, Wanda, Devina and Pretty pocong ngesot also disturbed appearance. Chaos is inevitable. The work is expected to Asep soon gained after undergoing penance and seclusion in a tamarind tree, is also still not there. In fact, Asep has had the misfortune continues. Not only that, each came to be applied to the company, Asep evicted for no apparent reason.
Finally, Asep and his friends went to another place which is believed sacred tamarind tree and apologized to the guardian spirits of the tree. Wanda suddenly possessed. When possessed, wanda unwittingly opened a secret murder of a widow named Susie that her spirit is curious to pocong ngesot result killed her boyfriend. As smart, good at keeping the carcass, someday surely will smell as well. Eventually they live their lives as they should.

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