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Ichi is a Goze (female entertainer), but she was expelled from her group because she did not intentionally kill her guest when he wanted to rape her. After she was expelled to wander to establish his own life. Ichi though a blind woman she then roam around a small area that is Bito with her shamisen (Japanese three-stringed guitar), turns out she had extraordinary abilities. She could play the shamisen from blessing to learn from her biological mother. She also studied the sword from a mysterious blind man she saw as her father. With her sword she fought against the yakuza and other criminals with lively. The arrival of a beautiful woman carrying a shamisen (three-stringed guitar) to the Bito it attracts a lot of people there. It did not take long to know that beautiful girl was blind and soon exploited the fact that three hoodlums who intend to do evil.
However, a blind girl named Ichi (Haruka Ayase) is not a random girl. In a short time the three young men had made overwhelmed by Ichi swordsmanship. Since small-Ichi who live alone was always visited by a mysterious blind man who taught him swordsmanship one hand. And when the mystery man was no longer coming, Ichi determined to seek man she considered his father's. Due Ichi-hooligan hooligan finish it, finally arrested by the plotters Banki Ichi the fact that the hoodlums who killed Ichi is a member Banki. In actual prison Ichi met the man who considered his father's mysterious. Ichi and mysterious man who considered his father are both not knowing if they actually are in a prisoner in jail. Because the same situation is dying Ichi did not know if the time freed by the Toma while his father still in prison and eventually died of her illness.
That said, the loss of a mysterious man who is actually a Zatoichi is nothing to do with Banki (Shido Nakamura) and his gang in power in the area. Now Ichi and her new friend, Toma Fujihira (Takao Osawa), must prepare for battle with hordes of Banki. There was no Ichi feel the seeds of love that began to blossom when Ichi together with Toma. When Toma eventually dying and dead in the battle against gangs Banki, Ichi angry and rise up to fight to avenge her lover. Toraji Shirakawa (Yosuke Kubozuka) as a friend Ichi stand watching rage against Bangkito. Toraji sure if Ichi will definitely win. Facts prove that the battle ultimately won by Ichi. With his sword the ringleader Banki eventually killed by Ichi.
As might be expected from its title, this movie is the spin of the classic Zatoichi. Although not explicitly shown, but implied that the old man who trained swordsman Ichi play sword is legendary. His story is still not far from the standard story of Japanese swordsman though there are other nuances that try to offer the director through this film.
If the Zatoichi usually depicted as a blind swordsman who is always happy and spend time having fun, Ichi is described more murky. Nuances of color face looks sad Haruka Ayase, who played Ichi. Although hue Ichi's face be seen surrounded by a lot of willingness, she does have a very brave soul. Ichi The story is quite unique because it is not usually round Zatoichi bring nuances that bleak. It's a bit distorted but that's where the value of strength were compared.
Fumihiko Sori, the director, also further strengthen the impression of sadness and loneliness of this with a few times taking pictures of snow-covered landscape. And more interestingly, the sword fighting scene depicted is very short but nicely laid out so that makes this a visual treat as well as dramatic feels so real.

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