Minggu, 04 Juli 2010

On May, 2nd 2010, my father was gone. Whereas, we knew that he was still walking around our neighbor in that morning. In the evening after my mother did her afternoon prayer (ashar) like usual, suddenly my father was screaming and calling my mother. My mother was surprised then she came in my father. She told him: “What’s happened dad… My father said that:” My head felt very dizzy …”replied my father. Then my father had fainted for a moment.

After that a nurse came to my home. She examined my father and gave some medicines to my father. Then he got up from his unconsciousness for a while. After my mother did sunset prayer (maghrib) she would take a plate but she stopped it…she walked up to my father and she wanted to ask for him in order to have a dinner together. But, when my mother wanted to touch his back and wanted give some messages to him in fact my father couldn’t breathe anymore. Then my mother called my brother in law to come in. Unfortunately, my father was passing away. No body knew when my father wanted to say goodbye to us. Everyone was very sad at that time. I also couldn’t hide my sadness anymore.

About 11 p.m., I left Semarang and took a trip to Purwodadi with my nephew. About 11 a.m. my father took to the cemetery in the next day. Most of our families and relatives accompanied his body until his resting place. After we buried my father in the grave we went home together.

My father only gave some wills to my first brother in order to live in a harmony together, if we had some troubles we must solve together with our family members, etc. Yeah, that is the journey of life. We’ll never know when we will die. So just count your deeds when ever you are. In order that you don’t feel regret when God will suck your deeds in the next hereafter. You can believe it or not that just depends on your self. If you are a good Muslim, I think that you will trust it.

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