Met a Kuntilanak

Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

On the Thursday night, by March 2010, my friend Tofik came to my house like as usual. At that night we planned to go to warnet together. We wanted to use our facebook finding a new friend and gave a comment at the walls of our facebook’s friends. After we felt satisfied to use our facebook we decided home to my house. When we would get closer at my house, suddenly Tofik saw a long hair girl who wore white costume. She was standing around taxi area and she just kept silent. Tofik felt afraid, and he straight asked for me to enter my house immediately.

Then we entered home, we calmed down each other by talking another thing in order that we wouldn’t afraid anymore. When I felt very sleepy I would try to close my eyes but Tofik asked me in order not to sleep at first, I told him: “Fik, I want to sleep because I’m sleepy right now”. He forbade me not to sleep, because if you slept there would a ghost in your dream. After he said that to me, I worried to sleep. At last I couldn’t sleep, but whenever I looked at Tofik….yeah….he was sleeping, then I decided to go out from home. I would like to share our story to Mr. Abdul and his friend our security. I left Tofik all alone when he was still sleeping at home. After I shared our story with Mr. Abdul and his friend they said that they also had ever been met same kuntilanak before us. I also talked funny stories with Mr. Abdul. Suddenly, Tofik followed me and came to me. He would get permission to me that he wanted go home because the time is shown 03.30 a.m. When the Subuh pray came I did my pray then I try to continue my sleep again.

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