Minggu, 04 Juli 2010

When we held fortieth days of my passing father away, I invited my friend Nyaman to come to my home in order that he could also give his praying to my father’s soul. After we finished our praying together he hung his cellular up and phoned some one. That one was a girl. He acquainted that girl by a phone to me. Then, I spoke each other with the girl. We share about ourselves. I know that girl is a widow, but without a child. The Indonesian usually called it “janda kembang”. Her name is Kuatningsih. That is an unique name according to me.

Kuatningsih lived in Sambirejo, Wirosari. It located in Purwodadi, a small town near Semarang. Sambirejo is one of a small village in central java. After fortieth days of my father was over, in the next three days when I was in Semarang she phoned me and said that she wanted meet me in Semarang. Then, we met at Jasa Raharja office in Semarang. We talked each other about something. She is a beautiful kind girl. In fact, we really love each other. Maybe God sent that girl to me. After we met from that office, she said goodbye to me home. Yeah, at last we parted. I also backed to my boarding home and she went home by bus.

In the next day, I got phone from Nyaman. He asked me that: “Hey...Dude, yesterday you had been met with Ningsih?” Of course, I replied it. Then he told me that she never answered my messages and hung up his callings after she met me. Yeah, I knew that he was jealous with me. He also asked me to keep me away from her without gave me his true reason. I just ignored it. In the next day, Nyaman has been threatening my girl by phone. He said to her that she had to stop our relationship. If she won’t obey him he wanted to use black magic to break our relationship. That’s so cruel. After Nyaman threat my girl, in the evening, he also called me by phone then he said the same words to me.

In the night day, I visited my first brother home in order that I could share my problems with him. Then, he gave me some advices to me in order not to let Nyaman call me and my girl anymore. He also said that to me in order to propose marriage to my girl after she wants to finish her bill of divorce. Then, I changed my number phone because of my first brother’s suggestion. I also shared my problems with my brother in law. So, we decided to fight and against all odds together. Oh, thanks God, I hope that she is the true girl who am I searching for. I never differed that she is a girl or widow. I just only knew that she is much loved and kind to me. Hopefully, we can live in a harmony and she is my real marriage partner in this world until in the next hereafter. Amin.

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