ENTERTAINMENT IN INDONESIA from traditional to the modern

Senin, 13 Juli 2009

Indonesia is a country which is very rich in arts and culture, therefore Indonesians and their visitors have a wide selection of local entertainment for people to enjoy. They range from traditional to the very modern. Wayang, sendratari, gamelan, keroncong, tarian, layar tancep, are part of traditional entertainment. Apart from those there are traditional ceremonies like weddings, housewarming celebrations, cremation ceremonies in Bali and Tana Toraja and rice-harvest ceremonies.
Every area has its own set of traditional performances and ceremonies. In Bali, for example, every full moon and new moon there are traditional dances and gamelan performences by school children at Puputan Park in Denpasar. Most provinces also have annual festivals which are held at different times of the year like sekaten in Jogjakarta and Solo, layang layang festivals across the country and the Bau Nyale Festival in South Lombok. 
Apart from traditional entertainment, there are some more modern activities that Indonesian people enjoy such as going to the movies, art exhibitions, nightclubs and parties. But the most popular are music concerts. Dangdut, pop, rock and jazz are some of the most popular.  Many big companies sponsor these concerts as one way to sell their products. That's great for audiences. 
We feel lucky living in Indonesia because we don't have to search for entertainment. Just look around you-the entertainment is everywhere! What's your favourite entertainment, traditional or modern, in your area?  

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