Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Look around you. How many people own a motorcycle in your village? Motorbikes certainly are VERY important in Indonesia. The number of motorbike users in Indonesia is increasing every year. It is estimated that motorbikes make up 75% of all vehicles on Indonesia roads. This statistic is very high compared to other ASEAN countries. Honda sold almost 1.5 million motorbikes in 2002-the figure would be much higher now, don't you think? The Indonesian government and local authorities are concerned as the number of motorbikes is now causing more traffic jams and more accidents. Trucks and cars definitely add to the levels of air pollution and so do motorbikes. So many vehicles giving off exhaust fumes is not good for our environment.
How can people and the authorities cut down the levels of air pollution from vehicle exhausts, especially from older vehicles, in your city or town? Is this possible or not? What do you think?
Here's a common question. why do some people in Indonesia like to wear motorbike helmets even when they are not on a motorbike?
It is not usual to see people wearing bike helmets at the beach, inside the malls, while using the ATM machine, in buildings BUT so often not when riding on their motorbikes!

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