Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

Once upon a time there lived a rich official named Mr. Agung. He was kind and honest man. All his friends loved him because of his kindness.
When he was forty years old, he wanted to celebrate his birthday. He invited his relatives and his friends to come to his birthday party.
All the members of his family had been busy since the morning. They prepared the meals and beverages. They wanted to serve the best for the guests.
In the evening the guests come to Mr. Agung’s house. They brought birthday gifts for him. They wished a happy birthday to Mr. Agung and then took the meals and talked to others guests. All the guests were happy at that evening. But Mr. Agung was the happiest man of all.
There were a lot of people at that party, but nobody realized that there was a stranger among them. That stranger was a thief. He wanted to steal the expensive birthday gifts.
“Where can I hide,” he thought. “Aha… I go upstairs and hide there.
Then the thief went upstairs and looked for a hiding place. He could see the guests below, but they could not see him. “I will take that one…that one…”he pointed to the gifts. “Oh…I’ll take a lot of gifts home…
At last the party was over at midnight. All the guests went home. Mr. Agung thanked for their coming and said good bye. He then closed the door. Suddenly, he saw a shadow of a figure on the floor. He said nothing but called the servant and said “get a table ready for one more guest and serve the best meals we have.”
After the meals had been served, he looked up the stairs and said, “My fried upstairs, will you come down and have dinner with me, please?” Of course the thief was afraid and very surprised. He, however, came downstairs and said nothing. Because he was hungry, he accepted Mr. Agung’s offer to have dinner together.
After leaving dinner, Mr. Agung took some money and gave it to the thief.
“Please spend this money wisely, he said and took him to the front door. He said good bye to him and than locked the door.
Ten years later, Mr. Agung celebrated his fiftieth birthday again. When the party would begin, Mr. Agung’s son came in brought a special gift to him. “Father, there is a guest outside. He asked me to bring this gift to you. He said didn’t know his name, but he would meet you.
Mr. Agung went out to meet that man. “Come in please, “he said to that man. “Oh no, thank you…I just want to wish you a very happy birthday…
Thank you….
“You may have forgotten me, sir. But you have been a real friend to me. Do you remember ten years ago when I wanted steal your gifts? You saw me but you weren’t angry with me. You even gave me a dinner meal and some money…
“Oh…yes…”said Mr. Agung. “Now, I know you…”Sir, I spent that money to start a little business. I tried to be honest man. Thank God! Now I have a happy family and have a job because of you. So, I come here to thank you…
Mr. Agung couldn’t hide his feeling. He embraced that man and lead him enter the house. When they entered the room, all the guests sang a happy birthday song.
Happy birthday to you…

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