Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

Being accepted in my college Diponegoro University, Semarang it meant that you usually should join some activities before the study began. First off all, the new students of Diponegoro University should take part in the OSPEK program. It’s a kind of program in which we were introduced to the programs of the institute especially to the departments existing there. This program and camping have become a tradition in every college.
As we know the reformation in Indonesia has been held by the university students. They demanded for the reformation in our country, the realization of democracy and law enforcement and also enforcement of human right. The result is surprising, the new order or ‘Order Baru’ has been fallen apart.
However when you take apart in the OSPEK program, I’m sure that you will be surprised to see how it is held. The older students or senior seem to be so arrogant and that they felt to be the most powerful people in the campus. They will be made the new students do anything they wanted as if the new students are theirs. Then the new students are sometimes ordered to do something that makes them ashamed. They are asked to use plastics bags as the coat, to cut their hair short (for male students) and to use the plastic rope to tie the hair (for female students).
The old students who always demands for the democracy, human right, and law enforcement seem to do the contrary. Even they asked against the human right, law and democracy as well as justice. They treated the junior as they wanted. So one question emerged: is OSPEK still needed or not? In Jakarta there was a new student who did because his senior treated him so badly at the OSPEK program. Maybe the old student felt obliged to take a revenge on what had already happened to them in the past-a victim of OSPEK. Unfortunately they took wrong actions, they victimize their juniors.
This tradition had been started since the independence of Indonesia and it’s legal and some (most) universities always hold it as tradition. Since in 2005 because of some reasons on the other hands who don’t agree with OSPEK events then it ever held in the Diponegoro University anymore. While I don’t know about in other college is still held or needed.

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