Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

If we talked about industry today we usually mean the factories, mines and large machineries which produce the many things that people need. In other words, industry means the system of production which uses machinery and power. Industry can be divided into two main kinds, light industries and heavy industries. Bridges, ships automobiles, rails, locomotives, aero planes, and large machines are made by heavy industries. Light industries produce clothing, cutlery, razors, and pottery and so on.
As a developing country, Indonesia has been making efforts in the development of its industries. As a nation, we don’t want to be dependent all the time on the help of other nations. It means that we have to be a self-supporting nation. We have to provide ourselves with domestic products.
In order to achieve a prosperous society, we as citizens, have to take part in developing our beloved country, Indonesia. This may come true provided that we are able to develop our own economy. Since most of the Indonesian people are engaged in the agricultural tools, rice-drying machines, etc.
Besides, the government also gives opportunities to the people to develop other small industries such as industries making shoes, hats, furniture, kitchen utensils, hand printed batik, wood carving and other things.
In the effort to raise production capability of non-oil products, small industries have become a vital part in the industrial development plan. It is in these types of industries that the co-operative and nucleolus industrial program are relevant, in the frame work of providing better facilities to small scale industries, obtaining an industrial license has been simplified. Besides, various types of credits may easily be supplied, such as “small investment credits” and “permanent working capital credit”. In the context of products of small industry, they are promoted in various exhibitions of industrial products and handicrafts at home as well as abroad. These industries have also been given assistance by the government to up-grade their quality and design in order to develop their export potential.
In business, it is necessary for small industries to complete in price or quality in order to succeed. Some kinds of business are competitive. In spite of his small business, a businessman or manufacturer should know about marketing, that is how to market the goods. During a recession the market will be dull and if the flow of the goods is constant the price will be steady.

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