Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2008

What is sleep?

Sleep is a period of rest in which we lost the awareness of our surroundings.

Do all living creatures need to sleep?

Yes, they do. All living creatures such as human beings and animals have a daily need for sleep. Without sleeping, the mind and their body will become to fatigue to continue the following activities properly.

What happens during sleep?

We are unconscious during sleep. We are not aware of what is going on around us. However, our unconsciousness can be quickly ended by strong shake or loud noise. Sleep is a complete rest.

Do the vital organs continue to work during sleep or not?

Yes, they do. The vital organs continue to work during sleep, but most of our body functions are slowed down. Breathing is slower and deeper. The heart beats more slowly. The blood pressure is lower. Arms and legs are limp. The muscles that control posture are at rest. It would be difficult for us to achieve this degree of relaxation during waking hours. Therefore, sleep offers a better opportunity for recovery from fatigue than the quietest rest.

Why do we use blankets during sleep?

The temperature of our body becomes lower during the hours when we are usually a sleep. A lower body temperature makes us feel chilly. That’s way why we cover our bodies with blankets during sleep.

How many hours should we sleep every night?

The amount of sleep is different from one to another. Most adults sleep from seven to nine hours every night. Most people need slightly less sleep as they grow older. The baby needs more hours to sleep than the adult does.

What insomnia?

Insomnia is inability to sleep. It may result from disease and organic malfunctioning. Besides, anxiety is the greatest cause of sleeplessness.

What is a dream?

A dream seems to be a residue of the mental activity of waking life. There are short dreams, long dreams, complicated dreams, and highly symbolic dreams.

Dreams sometimes are expressions of suppressed desires. Nightmare often express fears carried over from waking hours.

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