About My Self (part 6)

Kamis, 02 Oktober 2008

Okay Guys! I want to continue my scary story again.

Once, when I was still studied in my first year of Senior School, there was a gardener who told me in order to be careful with my almamater when nights come. He also said “Don’t you be free to act anything as you like. It is very dangerous. Especially for a newly couple who don’t marry yet. There was a story that telling me and it made me frightening at that time.

When a camping school held for a new student in my almamater, there was a boy and a girl scouts who braved to date in it. Because they felt rather safety and there was no anybody else who known everything their act suddenly, they came into an old toilet building. They didn’t consider that old toilet building was very dangerous for dating. There was no one who known about the dangerous of that building except the gardener and his relatives.

Because of devil temptations they did ashamed action. They tried to take their clothes off each others. In the middle of taking their clothes off, suddenly they surprised and unconscious at all because there was something that looking by them. In next day, they have been found without their clothes. They also have been locked into the old toilet building. They felt so embarrassed with the people who gave helping them. Then, they told everybody that they just have been meeting by a beautiful girl. But, a half of her body was a snake. It’s impossible. Many people couldn’t believe about their story. Perhaps they just in joking and lying “said the people. Only the gardener and his relatives who wanted to understand and believe it. They have ever been met that ghosts every night. They also have ever seen the other shape of them.

In the end, they got their punishment as their ashamed action that they did. There were a lot of kinds of the ghosts according to the gardener. There were Kuntilanak, Gendruwo, Pocong, Tuyul, Kemamang, and so on. The gardener has ever been told us that our almamater was a place of the ghosts. It was also called a market of the ghosts.


  1. kuntilanak (jv) : a malicious supernatural being that is the spirit of a woman died in childbirth and that appears as a beautiful woman with a hole in her back

  2. Gendruwo (jv) : malevolent (male) spirit

  3. Pocong (jv) : (shroud) an oath of innocence by one wrapped in a shroud

  4. Tuyul k. o. spirit that obtains wealth for its human master

  5. Kemamang (jv) : evil spirit in the shape of a flaming head

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