About My Self (part 5)

Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2008

There are some people who insulting me cause I’m a short boy. But I don’t care whatever they will say about me. I believe that live in this world of course I will face many kinds of challenges, temptations, and examinations of life. It takes all sorts the make a world. Whatever!!! Oh yeah. Let’s we continue my scary story again.

This was about my friend’s scary story. His name’s Tofik. When he was still stayed at the same room in my dormitory, he faced the unique and strange event. One day, at Saturday night Tofik wanted to go to somewhere just by all alone because he was bored with his activities in the morning. He wanted to go to the beautiful park to get refreshing. On the way, he met a beautiful girl. She was very kind and cute. Then, they introduced and talked each others.

Because they have taken a long time in discussing, they felt hungry. They decided to order two plates of fried rice from the food seller who was still selling around the park. After they had dinner together, they went walking around Simpang Lima in Semarang. He was very happy because he met a nice beautiful girl at that night. Because Tofik felt very tired and sleepy, he wanted to say goodbye to the girl. But, the girl said that she wanted to follow and see him until his dormitory. After they arrived in front of the dormitory there was Tofik’s friend who looking at him just talking by someone. But, he didn’t see anybody else. And Tofik explained him that he was talking with a beautiful girl. Didn’t you see her! Were you blind?” said Tofik to him and other occupant at that night.

After saying goodbye to Tofik, the girl went home and she didn’t want anybody to accompany her. Then, Tofik straight went to his bedroom. In the next day, there was other his friend asked him to accompany went to the hospital. His friend wanted to examine himself to the doctor because his body felt unwell since last night. When they arrived in the hospital, they met some people who standing assembles in front of it. They felt anxiously. They wanted to see what they were doing. In fact, they just saw an accident victim. However, that was very pity because the victim was a beautiful girl and she was passing away. They told us the girl got her accident when she road her car around the Bangkong Street. While Tofik so surprised when he saw the girl body. Indeed, Oh, my God! That girl was a person who was I meeting last night. She went walking with me and she was also treating me fried rice. She also wanted to see my dormitory. It was really astonishing. Was I dreaming last night? Damn it! Actually, she was very kind to me. Just by chance my money wasn’t enough to pay two plates of fried rice; she wanted to treat me at all. She took out a lot of money from her pocket. Oh, God…I didn’t believe it, “said Tofik to himself.

Notes: from all of my scary stories that I told you, did you believe them? It’s up to you. You will be receive and believe them or not. It’s advantage on you. I thought only God who the almighty known every thing.

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