Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

Speaking with others is something that we can’t avoid since it is the form of communication by which we make our relation with other. Sharing information, knowledge, and feeling is what we usually do when we have a conversation. Such a thing is always pleasing to do as is one of the way in starting or maintaining a relationship.
But something unpleasant may interfere our conversation when our interlocutor, unconsciously, says something that may hurt our feeling because we feel that they say it deliberately considering to our condition. It may occur in a form of criticism.
Have you ever received critics? I believe you have. People are inevitably giving and receiving critics whenever we hold a conversation. We may not realize this thing because critics may occur in any form. Giving a help can be felt as a critics when some someone misunderstanding it. Take my friend as an example in her English course it is a habit for the students to hold a discussion every week in which each student must express their ideas on the topic given. Other student usually can pass this activity smoothly but when it comes to my friend’s turn she has difficulty in finishing her sentence. When her friends try to help her with the vocabulary and pronunciation, she felt that they insult her and the help is viewed as indirect critics to her bad mastery of English.
Other kinds of critics may take the form of a compliment. When Ayu said that Ina’s hand writing is very good, Ida felt that Ayu criticized her for her bad hand writing although Ayu didn’t mean that.
Some people give their critics directly with an assumption that the receiver won’t be offended. Yes this kind of critics might be dangerous because it can jeopardize their relationship and destroying the friendship. So we must be really careful in giving our critics. Although some people say that they open to criticism, some strange feelings of rejection appear in their heart.
Criticism can be a great help for the people who can understand and receive it properly because it mean that someone is trying to help him or her in improving himself or herself. On the other hand, giving critics can be used as a mean of reminding someone about his or her behavior gently. Accordingly we can avoid Insulting and Sarcasm.
Basically criticism is good as long as we use our common sense in interpreting it. It also works for the critic’s giver. It is a matter of how we behave towards critics. Let the critics brighten up your day.

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