ABOUT MY SELF (part 7)

Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

In 2004, Tofik was still at his several days in working from his office as a salesman. He often faced strange events when he was going to go home. Once, at night, he went home after finished his working. He went home by ridding his motorcycle by himself. On the way, he felt very heavily on the behind when he was ridding his motorcycle. Then, looked to the behind from him and he saw there was nobody. But, after he looked at the rearview mirror, he was very surprised because he saw pocong was sitting his behind. He was so frightened. He tried to calm down the throb of his heart. After that, he straight prayed in God all the time. In order that ghost would be disappear at soon. Tofik said” Thank God, because he could be fine after praying in God that ghost never met him again.
In the following day, as usual Tofik went home from working. On the way, he met four persons who will cross the pedestrian. But, when he looked at them all the time, suddenly, they were disappeared. He felt that was ordinary for him. Then he continued his journey again. After about several kilometers in ridding motorcycle, he saw an accident for far away. He stopped his ridding motorcycle because he wanted to know about it. After getting closer from the accident event, he was very surprised because the victims were passed away and they were four persons who have been meeting by him for twenty minutes ago. They were the same people who have been crossing the pedestrian along the Pedurungan Street that I met just now, “he thought. Oh.. God I couldn’t believe it.
Because of that event Tofik become sick for three days. He wanted pray in God in order that he never met the other strange events anymore in the next day. But those were very difficult because he told me that he often saw the other shape of any ghosts in his life. He didn’t know yet how could he often face the events like that in his life. However, whenever and wherever he wanted to go somewhere, certainly he always meets appearances of other ghost. Actually, he wanted to waste his ability to see the ghost but he didn’t able to do it. He also never found the way out of solving his problem.

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