Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

Have you heard the term juvenile delinquency? I’m sure you have. Juvenile delinquency is about young people who violate norms, such as drinking liquor or drug, smoking marijuana, narcotic, heroin, etc. It’s a social problem in our community. Moreover it’s bad for our country if many youngsters are involved in a juvenile delinquency. As the proverb goes, the nation future is in the youngsters’ hand.
There are many factors why many youngsters are involved in the juvenile delinquency. Since youngsters don’t have certain activity, they tend to do bad things, such as stealing money from others. They feel jealous when seeing other people having some money, whereas, they have nothing. In the second place advertisement may play a significant role in arousing them to do bad things, such as robbing a bank, stealing money from others. Next, drop out children may be the factor for youngsters to do bad things. Since their parents cannot afford to pay for their children’s fee, the drops out children don’t have activities. They tend to drink drugs and waste their time around and they usually don’t think anymore about their future. Therefore, the cause can come from a broken home family. The broken home family isn’t in a harmony. Their father and mother live like cats and dogs. They don’t care about their children anymore. The parents are usually selfish. The children don’t get more attention and affection from their parents. The children should get more attention and affection from their parents. If they don’t, they will try to find an entertainment outside, such as discotheque and other.
Understanding the cause of juvenile delinquency, we should find solutions to the problems above. Here are some solutions that can be done right now.
1. Special attention should be given
The parents should give more attention and affection than money given to them daily or monthly. They also give some examples how to behave well and how to solve the problems in order that children understand the parents. The parents shouldn’t be ashamed to confess their mistakes to educate their children to do so. If this happens repeatedly, the family will be happy. They won’t find other entertainment outside again.
2. Strong faith should be had.
I’m sure every religion teaches its followers to do bad things. There is no religion which teaches bad things. That’s why the religion education is so important to them. People with strong faith won’t do something bad, like drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana. They also won’t disturb or harm other people if they are well educated in the religion.
3. The role of the school
The students go to school, they don’t only learn the lessons, but they learn how to be had well by looking at the teachers do. Also in our main goal of education is to make the students well educated and well manner. To make the students far away from anything related to drugs, marijuana, and narcotic. The headmaster can ask the expert or the psychologist to explain the danger of marijuana or something like that. If so, the students will be aware of any kinds of narcotic and drugs.
4. Strong confidence should be possessed
I think there no person in this world who has no capability. Even the handicapped person has talent such as painting, singing, or making handicraft. Such talent which they have should be developed well. They won’t be pessimistic. In this case I hope the governments give some attention to the jobless people. The government can give some skills in order that they can find job. As the saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. As a young person, you should do something good. Stay away from drugs since it’s dangerous. Don’t harm people with your manner. But try to find positive activities, like taking courses or making a study club. That’s better for you. Don’t forget the nation future is our hands. It means you will be the leaders of our nation or at least the leader of yourself.

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