Kamis, 02 Oktober 2008

My father advices me
My mother educates me about norms
My teachers were too
But, I didn't care all the advices
I didn't hear the truth
I made it just to be winds flowing
As some, pleasure songs I usually sing
I was busy with my jobs
With unless work in my sides
And full of arrogant sense in my mind
I leave praying and fasting
And when my hair change its colour
My skins become crunch
My bones become weak
Tears of blood is falling
As signs for regretfulness from my self
Man with full of sins in the darkness way
I back to you my God God give your blessing and your truly love
Forgive..Oh...God, forgive all my sins
Take me to your right way
Oh...the most merciful
You are my only love...Oh...God.

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