One Self Correction

Rabu, 17 September 2008

Be happy the man always count you have
So count your deed in order that you their action
And weigh themselves every blowing their breathe
Before the God is sure to suck
So count your deed when ever in order that you don’t regret
Don’t feel pure, so you’re proud it
Next you will be the most stupid because it
And don’t be boast because your deed that regret it
Are there my friends having done the God commandment
And don’t obey what the God‘s prohibition
And had you not been identifying God
And had your heart saved of contemptible diseases
Such as greediness, jealousy, borates
So count your deed therefore you don’t regret it
The friendship we had connected without cutting the relationship of anyone
Had you been willing of God’s giving
Had you glorified your God, looked the God’s willing and the God‘s forgiveness
So count your deed therefore you don’t regret it.

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