A letter for a friend

Rabu, 17 September 2008

Dear Friend,

I write this letter to you although I don’t know where you are now. I want to get in touch with you because I miss you so much.

I miss the days when we were together at the same class with our teachers and friends when we were still in the Senior High School.

Every single part of our experiences becomes a good memory for us. By the way, did you remember Mr. Buddy? I remember that I was always sleepy during his lessons. Once he asked me to wash my face I was so embarrassed at that time. Mr. Agung is my favorite teacher. He was a kind man. He taught us Japanese, didn’t he? He guided us to be more mature and to be more responsible. We ever played truant and told a lie to Mr. Muslih, our History teacher. He was very liked to tell something himself although we didn’t like it.

There was no day without joy and fun when we were still in language class. Did you still remember with Aslichah? She was looked very funny and cute when she expressed her idea in our class.

Although we sometimes made our teacher angry with us, we loved and respected them, didn’t’ we?

What fun we have. Yeah, at that time we really had a nice memories when we still at MAN. Its impossible to forget.

When we held our farewell party, I though that we’d never meet again. And that’s true. I have never met you since we parted. I don’t know where you are now. I hope you will send a letter to me. I do expect it. Because miss you so much.

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