An Ode’s Poem For The Best Friend Of All

Rabu, 17 September 2008

You have made me have a cheerful disposition

You always respect and cherish me all the time

You’re kind, friendly, helpful, smooth, nice, enjoyable, honesty, meaningful

And the best of all

You have the deepest soul of heartfelt care

You like an Angel who sent by God to accompany me

You’re my good guardian way and guiding manner

When I’m in big fault, mistakes and bad behavioral

You always make me aware of unconsciousness

You’re the only one who illuminates my ways

You’re the best of all

Please don’t you let me all alone?

Don’t let me lonely

Don’t let me cry

Don’t make me hurt

Don’t make me sad

Don’t let me trap in the depths of misery

Don’t let me possessing by demon, devil, Satan

You should help me

You should save me

You should set me free

Because you’re good guardian and hospitality

Don’t you let me become filled of sins owing to them?

You like an Angel who sent by God to accompany me

You also like a great prophet

So, I love you so much…

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