The Strong Guy From England

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Excess John Evans, a British guy is he can balance the object or objects to balance the weight on his head like a brick, people, books and drink beer and even a car.
With almost 2 meters tall and weighs 155.7 kg, John already broke 30 world records in 11 different categories. One of the most deadly is his record of balancing a car that weighs about 159.6 kg above his head. John broke the record balance the car at The London Studios, UK, on May 24, 1999 for 33 seconds.

As the record-breaking version of the Guinness Book, John was the only person who frequently appeared on the show on TV Guinness, Guinness Primetime. Because the ability of John Evans, John frequently travels the world, such as appear 2 times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
He also has appeared in French, Portuguese, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong. When will he be about to Indonesia? I never knew about that.

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