The Car That Can Fly

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

When I was a child I always confidented that the time will come when there will be a revolution in the drive for human beings. Probably still a very long time to imagine the cars that can fly like a science fiction film style in the movie Minority Report for example, but the car that can fly pretty much already made and really can walk and fly. Although the runway should look first to fly and land, but the car named Terrafugia Transition seems really OK . The concept originally was "roadable aircraft" or aircraft that can walk on the street, the wings can be folded, so not a car that can fly.

In America where the plane made it, it seems quite feasible to use, but if in a small town like Samarinda solid nan, it seems impossible can be taken as normal kenadaraan. But I will follow the continued development of technology on this one, who knows really could revolutionize the way we live.

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