Custom and costumes

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

A custom is behavior considered good and agreed in a group of living that is passed on from generation to generation without record. It’s considered taboo or impolite for someone to break the customs because from children or even babies indirectly have been taught about the custom. For example the children are trained to respect the older people in any occasions.
While a costume is the style of dress that about a certain group of people wear. The costume can represent an indication of where the style of costume comes from. In some areas the women wear sarong tied around the waist, a baju which is a loose blouse and a selendang, a scarf draped over one shoulder. The men wear loose shirts and trousers. A knee length sarong skirt, tied at the waist is often worn as informal attire. They also wear a peci, a black velvet cap.
Indian women wear saries (long, loose robes), Chinese women wear the pajama like sam-fao or the straight dress with side slits called cheongsam. Most Indian, Chinese, Malay and Indonesia wear western-style clothes in towns and cities. How about other country?

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