Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

In 2008 by December, my father took to the hospital. He took care there about two weeks. According to the doctor, he had a stroke and injured brain. After that my father took back to go home. Anyway…all members of my relatives were suspicious about my father diseases. About a week furthermore after from hospital he always felt hurt on his hands and legs. So, our family decided to discuss about our father condition. Finally, we tried to seek an indigenous medical practitioner (shaman) or kiai (a priest of Islam) who could treat sick people that coming mystically.

According to other relative’s advices, at last we got it. From the kiai we knew much about my father diseases. He said that there was a bad shaman who sent something in order that my father became sick. He told us that there was one of our neighbors who took himself to a shaman to get his problem cured. He also told us the reasons why my father got his sick in the beginning. Actually, my father felt strange sick in his body about one year but he has been postponed it. The kiai said to us in order to be patient to a person who has been acted so cruel to my father. Don’t be bearding a grudge. He asked for us in order that don’t take revenge with him. May God will sends the justices for us.

My father said to us that he had ever been angry to someone who had ever been wanted to press for payment of the debt. My father felt that he had been given that money. At first he gave it to my mother. He asked to my mom in order that she wanted to give it to that guy. Unfortunately, my mother has been forgotten about it. Yeah, because of a simple problem has been making a big case with my neighbor. Because of late in giving money to my neighbor and his wife had been got a mad from my father, then, the man went to a shaman in order that he could solve their problem. That’s very scary. Because his wife was offended, he asked to a shaman in order that he wanted to send something that made my father become sick. We hope that my father will get recover at soon. We also hope that God will give the best for our family. Couldn’t our problems solve in properly? And whoever you are, if you are staying in Java or other place that still try to solve the problems take to a shaman, just be careful, don’t be arrogant, don’t be selfish, and don’t be hothead. Let’s solve our problem properly. O.K, May God always blesses us forever and ever. Are you believe it or don’t believe it just try it in order that you can proof it. Be careful! O.K.

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