Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

''You know something?
''this guy."
''You must know all the mess he made."
''Hey, don't you remember the time when he was really like a fool?"
''It's silly, he felt he was abandoned and someday he cried like a child , don't you know that?"
''and damn! Recently he did a mistake again."
''What's that?"
''Something that arouses my emotion."
''How come?"
''Because he thought he did the right thing."
''What did he do?"
''Something that does not match with my idea. And I think with our idea or interest."
''What idea?"
''What interest?"
**Since the first time he's here, we really doubted him. And tell you the truth, I hated him."
''How could you?"
''Because he is here without procedure. He wouldn't share us, nor following our ways."
''He excused us to seclude himself. Ha..ha..ha..Ridiculous, isn't it? And what's more?"
''He shared people out of our division. You know what's so funny about it?"
''There is nothing that he could do there, but to bother people and to talk about nothing. You know when he did that?"
''When?"''All the time on busy hours, especially when he gathered and talked about all the mess here. Or everything. He was so apathetic."
''How come?"
'' I don't know. Maybe he thinks he is saint. A good man or whatever. He seems not to care about what happens here. He really can't follow our way of thinking. He won't hate people we hate, but he loves people we love!"
''What more?"
''Hey, don't just say what, who, when, how, why, how come? Say something..."
''Should I?"
''Hey, what happened to you?"
'' I DOUBT that I can talk as clearly as you do to me."
''Come on, don't make me mad. Say something."
''What should I say?"
I don't know what to say."
''what to say?"
''Remember when you said to me:"say something."
''Oh don't pretend to be a fool."
''who?" Me?"
really funny."
So, good bye."
''wait. wait."
what do you want to say?
'' I want to tell you about the men you told me yesterday."
''what about him?"
he did the wrong thing again?"
''what did he do?"
''Something that really really challenging."
Did he humiliate himself again?"
''Did he talk nonsense more and more?"
''Well, I don't think so."
''Did he stay out of people he should gather?"
''Not really."
''So what?"
''He came to me. And I thought I was challenged to fight..."
''Fight him? Oh yeah?
Tell me about it.
This was really a big fight. I thought it's the biggest!"
''And I prepared myself."
''Wait a minute. Did you have nerve to fight him?"
''What do you think I am?"
Even though I am skinny, I have a Popeye's power when he eats his spinach."
''So, who's the winner?"
''we don't know yet."
let me guess, he or you canceled the fight. Because none of you had nerve, is that right?"
''no way." I never did that. We actually did not fight physically. We didn't fight against each other.
We fight against ourself.
''I don't get it."
We fight against our ego. We fight against our emotion. We fight against our arrogance. We fight against our superior feeling. Against our subjective thinking, against all the bad things conquering us."
''that's not the fight!"
Oh, yes. It is. Want to know who's going to be the winner?"
''All of the men who can control themselves when they are burned with emotion. The creatures called human beings who when they wrong they want to change, not even to let them selves down. The persons who are not easily agitated, nor got influenced. The men who never think that are superior than others. The men who can be patient. The...
''It sounds to me you're giving me lecture!"
''And you know who's the loser?"
''One of the men who thinks that what I say is a lecture."

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