FACTS ABOUT GOOSE BUMPS and Other "Funny" Feelings

Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

Goose bumps and other "funny" feelings shouldn't make usrun to the doctor. Here are facts behind the most common "funny" feelings as explained in the Enquirer:

1. Butterflies in the stomach

Anyone who ever gave a speech or another perfomance on stage has felt them. They are the body's reaction to mind anxiety situations. When they occur, the body sends extra adrenaline into the system, which causes the fluttery feeling in our stomach.

2. Goose Bumps

If we have ever seen a cat's fur fluff up when it was scared or cold, we know the basic idea behind them. Goose bumps are caused by tiny muscles pulling on our hair follicles, and they dissapear when we calm down or warm up.

3. Blushing

Our faces redden whe we are embarassed because our brains sense a higher internal body temperature caused by the stress and releases heat as fast as possible. Our faces have the most fragile blood vessels so the heat finds its quickest escape route there.

4. Hiccups

They occur when our diaphragms--the muscle that separates the abdoman and the chest--contract involuntarily and forces our vocal cords to briefly snapshut. Although doctors can explain what happens, they can't explain why it happens. The most common hiccup sufferers are people who eat or drink too fast, fatigued or nervous people and pregnant women.

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