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In August 2007, I decided to stay in Dershane (Turkish, it means “the house for studying”) in Semarang. From there I got some unique and exciting experiences. There were so many events I faced and there were some rules that must be obeyed during there. For example, I must be given permission when I wanted to go home and go somewhere, there’s no dating with a girl, no smoking and so on. But, sometimes I wasn’t obeyed them. As you know that there’s no perfect person in this world. We must be realized about that. There are some dershanes which still existing in Semarang. They are Barla, Anas, Ufuk, and Nur. Though dershane only just the financial house lease, but it has a meaningful place for us. From there we try to live together as our own family.

Live with many people we usually face many troubles. If we couldn’t ready to deal with them before, of course we would be destroyed by our problems. So, we must found the best way out to solve them. They could affect the worst thing in our other-activities if letting them.

I enjoyed with fun every days when I stayed in Dershane. But, about several months I felt bored staying there. Because there was a person who wanted to give some advices, suggestions to me so that I could be stayed and felt at home there. Living together with friends from some different areas included from different cities and villages, we would face many different characters and habits from our friends, some like music, drama, soccer, comedian, traveling, and so on. We must appreciate the differences of our friends. What a fun we have if we can respect and appreciate each others.

In 2007 to 2008, there are many friends who had ever lived together and still have been living together with me in Dershane Nur. They are Dhony Hestung Gitomo, Andy Khoirrudin, Tofa, Hermawan, Joko, Adib Gunawan, Afida Ilfa, Roni, Isnawan, Rahmat Hidayat, Azka Khamil, Susilo Ponco Wibowo, Arif Eka. Ridlona Fultanegara, Arif Ariawan, Teguh Setiawan, Aji, Anis Wahdi, Ramadhanil Haq, Muslim and Gerhard. Here are some profiles about them.

1. Dhony H.G.

He comes from Blora, Central Java. He is S1 Economics Student of Diponegoro University. He was the leader of Dershane’s house. That’s ordinary called by Bolgie. His hobbies are capoera, soccer, etc. He is kind. He respects the others.

2. Andy K.

He comes from Kudus. He is S1 Laws Student of Diponegoro University. He loves music very much, especially Indonesian Boy’s Band, for example, Peterpan, the Titans, etc. He also like in joking. His performance is always cool and funky.

3. Afida Ilfa,

He usually called Fida. He is S1 Physic Student of Diponegoro University. His father is a teacher. He comes from Kudus city. It’s famous with cigarettes. He is kind man and handsome. He was leader in Dershane Nur at that time. His hobbies are soccer, traveling, and eating some kinds of food. So, he is fat man now.

4. Roni.

He comes from Solo. He was S1 Economics Student of Diponegoro University. He likes watching drama especially love stories. He often didn’t give permission when home. He usually told me about every thing that he knew. He is handsome but selfish man. He sometimes also kind. His father is an entrepreneur.

5. Isnawan.

He comes from Tuban, East Java. He is S1 Medical Student of Diponegoro University. He is kind man. Besides, he also clever in Arabic. He has been become a doctor in August, 2008 He likes giving a help to someone.

6. Teguh Santoso.

I come from Purwodadi. It is famous with Swieke. Swieke is kinds of cooking. It made from meat of frog. If you were a Muslim, of course that’s forbidden for you. Cause it lives in two worlds, that’s land and water. It’s near with Semarang. And Semarang is the capital of Central Java. I studied in Diploma Degree of Japanese at Diponegoro University and graduated my study in 2008 August, 4. I usually called Teguh at home and called Santos at my college and dershane. I like music very much, India songs, Japan songs and others. I also like drama especially Indian dramas and Japan dramas. Some bodies say whatever about me I don’t care it. My favorite foods are meat ball chicken noodles, fried rice, pecel, etc.

7. Tofa.

He comes from Purwodadi. His family is rich. He is S1 Economics Student of Diponegoro University. One of his hobbies is reading, especially for automotive magazines. He is a spoiled boy.

8. Joko.

He is S1 Biologics Student of Semarang State University (UNNES). He comes from Wonosobo. He always busy because he always joins in collage activities. He rarely backed home in dershane because his collage is rather far from it.

9. Hermawan.

He is Joko’s classmate. I don’t know where he comes from. He just stayed in dershane only for a while.

10. Arif E.

He is Law Student of Diponegoro University. He is religious. He comes from Brebes, “ngapak-ngapak’s language” Brebes is a small city, in Central Java. It famous with red unions and salty eggs. His parents are merchants.

11. Adib Gunawan.

He is a doctor since 2007. He is kind and handsome, but sometimes I made him hurt caused I often disturbed him with my bad sayings. He comes from Rembang. He loves music very much, especially for the dangduts. His performance always looks very cool and funky. He never forgot with the mirror and to comb his hair when he wanted leaving dershane.

12. Azka Khamil.

He comes from Kudus. One of his hobbies is go to the cinema. He is accountant of school. He is S1 Economic Student of Unnisula University in Semarang.

13. Rahmat H.

He comes from Kudus. His hobbies are watching cinema, soccer, camping, traveling, etc. He is S1 Mathematics Student of Diponegoro University. He is Mathematic Teacher now.

14. Ridlona F.

He comes from Lampung. Empek-Empek is one of traditional food from there. He is selfish but actually he is kind. He is S1 Economics Student of Diponegoro University. He is very busy. Beside lecture, he always joins in collage activities. For example: Aisec programs.

15. Teguh Setiawan.

He usually called Wawan. At his home he said that called Teguh. His hobbies are playing games in computer, joking, traveling, football etc. He is honest and kind. He is Diploma Degree of Letter Faculty of Diponegoro University. He majored in English and graduated in 2008. He comes from Pati. It is small city which still included in the central java area. “Nasi Gandul is one of traditional food from there.

16. Aji.

He comes from Kudus. He is a very quiet person. He is S1 Science of Computer Student at Udinus, Semarang. He doesn’t want to speak anything if we don’t speak to him at first. One of his hobbies is friendster in the internet. Though he is a quite person but he likes writing a poem.

17. Arif Ariawan.

He comes from Purwodadi. He is my neighbor. But his house lies at about 10 kilometers from my house. He is Diploma Degree of English at Diponegoro University. His hobbies are joking, writing, reading, watching, etc.

18. Anis Wahdhi.

He comes from Demak. It is a small Islamic religious city in central java. His hobbies are joking, sleeping, listening to the radio, etc. He majored in the same faculty with Wawan and Arif Ariawan. He also graduated in 2008.

19. S. Ponco W.

He comes from Blora. He also majored in Diploma Degree of English at Diponegoro University. But he straight continued his study in S1 of English Department from the same collage after he graduated his study in July, 2008. He sometimes says and orders to do something to us roughly. But, actually he is kind. His hobbies are traveling, listening to the music, discussing, etc.

20. Ramadhanil Haq.

He comes from Tg.Pinang. It is located in Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago. He is S1 Government of Science of Social and Politic Faculty (FISIP) at Diponegoro University. His hobbies are gambling, soccer (mania), listening to the music, etc. his favorite football club is Inter Milan FC. He wants to be a president.

21. Gerhard.

He comes from Bekasi, Jakarta. He is S1 (IESP) Economics Student of Economy Faculty at Diponegoro University. He is kind nationalist. He loves basketball so much than other kinds of sport, and he’s the one people in dershane Nur which is has ‘huge’ body. Even he has huge body he also likes jogging three days a week. I think he wants to diet for getting a good structure body.

22. Muslim.

He was born in Jakarta but he has blood of Acehnese from his parents. All in dershane we know that he is really tall, but Aji is the tallest of all. Now he still studies in the Economy Faculty and he majored in Management Class at Diponegoro University. He likes to do all kinds of sport and he also likes listening to the music. He is a person which ‘uncared but responsible’, this mean if he is in unmotivated situation he will be uncared with all situation happen around him.

Most of the occupants of dershane nur are student of Diponegoro University. Because it located next to collage. It’s about 100 meters on foot. During staying there I felt happiness and sadness together with my friends.

By September 2008, there was a person who just has been finished his study from Turkey and he wanted to continue his study in Semarang. Then he was also voted as a new bolgie in the Semarang Dershane. Because I and my friends didn’t know much about him yet before, most of us became underestimated. Besides, there was one of our friends from other dershane who has been told a bad thing about him. So, according to us, he was a strangest person at that time. But we still find out of his characters, we just can predict that he is a nice person or just bored person like we think all the time???

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