Jumat, 19 September 2008

There are a lot of people saying to me I’m a clever boy. But, if you believe it I will be too, and if you don’t believe it I’m also not. Ha…ha…whatever! It’s up to you and me. When I was still in the first year of Junior School I was very attracted in studying English. Because I felt enjoy it. I loved it very much ‘till I was in the third of Senior School. Therefore, I always got a good mark in every exam. But, sometimes I was mistaken in grammar. Grammar is very useful in every language writings.
When I was still studied in language class in the third year of Senior School I got Japanese as an optional foreign language subject. I also studied Arabic since I was in the first year of Junior until graduated from Senior School. Before I studied Japanese in the third year Senior School I got French about a month. Because it’s very difficult then it changed Japanese. From that, I enjoyed to study it well. According to me Japanese is very enjoyable. So, after I graduated from Diploma Degree of Japanese in 2008, I ‘m really want to continue my study in Japan. Because lack of money I can’t reach it yet. Thanks God, maybe it’s not my opportunity. But, if I have a lot of money God will say otherwise. Where can I get a lot of money? Yeah, it’s depends on my effort to seek it or is there anybody want to help my desire and my dreams come true? just go a head. I will accept it with a pleasure and grateful to she or he. Ha…ha…ha…

To be continued…

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