Jumat, 19 September 2008

Excuse me; hello... let me introduce myself. My name is Teguh Santoso. At home I’m usually called Teguh but when in Semarang my friends always called me Santos. I was born on October, 11th in Purwodadi, Central Java, Indonesia. Do you know? That’s a pity of you if you don’t know it. It’s located in a small village and far away from the town. Galsari or Sarirejo is my place of birth. I love it very much. Purwodadi is a very hot place in the dry season and it is very dirty in the wet season. My family is often lacked of water when dry season comes. Sometimes my family bought water for bathing and drinking from the neighbor who has well which still has water source or spring. Yeah, that’s about my life in my village. Whatever!! You think it’s up to you. Although like that I feel happy.

My family is a simple life. We live in a harmony. My father and my mother both are farmer. I have two older brothers and three older sisters. They all have been married. Two of my older sisters are teachers and one of my brothers too. My eldest brother is a driver. But, there is one of my older sisters who just want to be a farmer. She doesn’t want to continue her study anymore.

I graduated from my Elementary School in 1996 and graduated from my Junior School in 2000. Then, I finished my Senior School in 2004. I was rather late to enter in Elementary. I began to enter it when I was eight years old. After I graduated from Senior School, I continued my study at Letter Faculty, Diponegoro University. I was majoring in Diploma Degree of Japanese, and I succeed to finish it in 2008.

When I was a child, I was a very spoiled boy. I was also naughty. I always asked my parents to buy me a new car toy although they didn’t have enough money to buy it. I often cried when they didn’t give it to me at soon. When I graduated from Elementary, I didn’t want to continue my study anymore. I said, “According to me education is not important and enjoyable. So, what for? That’s my opinion at that time. Then, my parents were angry to me. They forced me to continue my study again and they didn’t care whatever my reasons. About a week I think it by myself. After that I decided to obey them. I also thought to myself after I continued my study again: “Oh guys! THINK YOUR FUTURE”!! Don’t be selfish. Everybody has a dream. Think before you decided your destiny and look before you leap Man! Oh damn it! After I felt my education until University, I desire to continue my study again and again. From this, I know that: long life education or life long learning has an important meaning”. But, I feel lack of money because actually I want to be an International Language Expert or Professor of Language. To make my dream come true of course it’s not easy and its need a lot of money isn’t it? And nowadays education is very expensive. Maybe only God, the Almighty, who knows about it. If I could study in many international languages of course I’ll also can go abroad and around the world. Therefore, language is very useful and important for us. Language is the key to open this world. If I want to study Japanese, French, Dutch, Arabic, Turkey, Spanish, and other international language of course it needs a lot of money. But, I don’t have it to reach my dream. Yeah, I must be happy with what I have now. ‘Caused a Wish Man says that: A mountain never blames why he is a mountain”.

To be continued….

Note: I'm very sorry if you found mistakes about my grammar in my story. Because I'm not an England Citizen and a good in English like you. Please correct it if you found it. I do expect it.

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