Api Abadi Mrapen (Eternal Flame)

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Visiting the attractions of Natural Fire Mrapen is not hard because this tourist attraction is located alongside a highway Purwodadi - Semarang. Mrapen (Api Abadi Mrapen) is the name of eternal flame that came out from the soil (stone). This natural phenomenon is located at Manggarmas village, Godong, Purwodadi Grobogan district, Central Java, Indonesia. This flame never died although there are rain and winds.

Many great sport events took flame from this place to fire the torch, such as PON (Indonesian National Sport Week) and GANEFO sport party on 1 November 1963। The flame is also used to celebrate Waisak or Vesak.

Not far from the location of the fire raged there is a stone weight, which according to the local population is believed to be able to grant all requests anyone who could lift the rock while seated. Stone itself is located in a cupola and locked tight. From outside we could still see rocks from the window glass are available. When I tried to look inside, look at all the sacred stone, seen with a sprinkling of flowers setaman on the rock and the smell of perfume that still smelled from outside the door slowly.
Besides the stone weights, in the Eternal Fire tourist sites there are also Mrapen small pond with green water and its gelegak water in the middle.
It is not hot because the air bubbles coming from the gas in the soil. Explosion of gas / water bubbles it will burn when exposed to fire, maybe the gas is a gas similar to that of the Natural Fire Mrapen. From the results of research in the laboratory proved Dudo Spring water

According to legend, supposedly eternal fire came after Sunan Kalijaga stuck his stick into the ground. At that time, Sunan Kalijaga with their followers is doing a long trip and stay in the Village Mrapen. That night, many of his followers felt cold. Feeling pity, Islamic religious leaders were then stuck his stick into the ground. When the rod disconnected out of the fire never extinguished. Because it comes from the word meaning hearth furnace, the eternal flame was called mrapen.
Sunan Kalijaga On the other day asked for a keris heritag
e on Supa professor who lived not far from Spring Dudo. As the Mayor submit material for iron ore pellets hazelnut. Seeing such a small material Supa professor laughed because how could such a small metal can to be used as a keris heritage. Apparently the professor Supa forget that he faced was a Sunan Kalijaga the magic. Small iron over the fire that burned natural mrapen it turned out to be forged increasingly large fluffy. Supa masters quickly bring it to the spring smoldering iron Dudo to dipped into it to cool.
Once-hot iron inserted into the spring water that had been tana
ng Spring Dudo and clear all of a sudden menggelepak like boil and turn into turbid. Whether it is because the heat of a burning iron it or because the efficacy of the candidate's keris that later after the so called Kiai Sengkelat.
Since that event Dudo Spring water continues to boil like boiling though still cold.

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