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Trunyan village is situated in the seam east of Lake Batur . It’s about 45 minutes from Kintamani when we want to go there by rowboat. Trunyan is one part of Bali Aga village (ancient Balinese). They called their people as Bali turunan, which means there was the first people who had been got down from the sky in Bali or the first people who staying in Bali Island. They also called the other people in Bali as the ethnic of Bali. They were the people who came from Java (Majapahit). Although most of Trunyan people are Hinduism, but they usually have another civilization each other.
One of interesting event which made the visitors felt amazing is the death of ceremony. Although they are the same Hinduism, in Bali, Trunyan people didn’t burn or burry the body when they took it in the funeral event. The Body was laid out under Taru Menyan tree. The body only covered with white cloth and put a fence along the edge of the funeral with bamboo. The death of ceremony in trunyan is called “mepasah”. The body was laid out in the grave which has been digging in the hole that’s not so deep without covered anything. There were seven graves which are used for the dead body by turns. That’s not so astonishing if we would see the skulls and bones were scattered around the cemetery.
Though trunyan people didn’t burry and burn the dead body, they just only put it under tree. But the body wasn’t making putrid odor around it. The Trunyan people believed that the putrid odor of the body was sucking up by Taru Menyan trees. Purportedly, taru menyan trees exuded a fragrant odor.
According to the folktale, the trunyan people believed that a fragrant odor which comes from taru menyan trees had ever been smelled by Danu Goodness who was staying in the heaven. Then, she got down on earth to try lokking for that odor sources where came from. After she got it then the people called it as trunyan.
The trunyan people had three kinds of “sema”(cemetery). Sema wayah (common cemetery) is a funeral only for people who died in properly. Sema muda (young cemetery) is a funeral for babies, children, and adults who had not ever been married. Anyway…sema bratas is a funeral for people who died in an accident or commit suicide.
Sema wayah become the object of interest to tourists. There are many foreign tourists who visiting there. To reach there the tourists must be road a boat to cross by way of the edge of abang hill in the side of Batur Lake. They would see beautiful scenery during along boat ridding to reach there. We can see beautiful scenery of the hills from north around the Batur Lake and we can also see the altar which built from stones from east. From there we usually see a mount of skulls and bones a rounding the altar that rowed under taru menyan tree. So, that’s all will be made a mystical senses for us.

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