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It is made in Indonesia. It is made from traditional herbs. Be sure that Throwpain Tincture is an effective herbal medicine with light brown colored volatile and penetrated to the objection directly.Composition:
Panax, Gingseng, Cartami FI, Angelicae Rad, Acanth, Cort, Zing Rh, Menthae herbs, Cinn, Camph, Alc Frutex Abri Tsien Nian Gien, Rh ETC
This medicine is very effective for such below symptoms such as Rheumatism Fracture, Muscles or bones dislocation swelling/bruise tiredness blister stiffness ETC.
Direction for use:
1. For painful disappearance put small cotton into Throwpain Tincture and rubbed around the wound periphery.
2. For muscles or bones dislocation first, put the dislocated muscles or bones into the original position manually (in manner of massage) and compress it with this medicine. Wet it again with this medicine each hours until the pain disappeared and heal if it is dry do it again.
1. Throwpain Tincture is an external medicine do not swallowed.
2. This medicine must be given according to age and skin sensitivity.
3. For bloody wounds, first stopped bleeding and then rubbed it with Throwpain Tincture periphery.
4. For fractured and muscles dislocation if the wound is approaching to heal, the patient must exercise actively to make the wounded part of the body in order to normal soon again.
5. This medicine is volatile close the bottle strictly after use keeps it far from fire/high temperature.
6. Stop to use it, if irritation or skin allergic happened, if it is to hard clean the medicine with wet cotton and rubbed with oil.

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