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Everybody knows that the government has forbidden the circulation of liquor. The rule is good, because the government knows the danger of liquor. Its effect to human beings is very fatal. Nowadays, we often hear the news on the radio, watch TV, and read in newspapers that a lot of bottles of liquor are destroyed by tractors. Yeah…the government has done the best to our nation.
First of all, we should know the effects of drinking liquor. They are headache, being drunk, insomnia, breaking the nerves, “fly”, etc. Usually the ones who are addicted to liquor say that the problem in their life will be lifted by drinking. Is that right? To tell you the truth, they do not feel the problem in their life, when the reaction of liquor is still working. But what happens when the reaction is not working anymore? Yeah, the problem will appear again. They feel happiness just in a moment. And as a result, they want to feel the happiness again. Doing this, they will be liquor-addicted persons.
For the poor, the bad habit will be a starter of crime. Actually they do not think about the money for providing their needs, but the thing they want is drinking and drinking. They waste their money just fulfilling their wish. What if they have no money? They steal, rob, and if necessary kill other people.
Ironically, the ones who get involved in the crime happen to be teenagers or young generation. Wow…that sounds terrible! The young generation should supply themselves with knowledge which is useful for their future, but some of them neglect it. Even according to the authorities, nowadays, other dangerous drugs, like: depressant and hallucinogen have circulated everywhere. Usually they have such drugs mixed with alcohol. By mixing it, the reaction of the drug will be harder, like for instance, narcotic.
Usually if the parents know that their kids get involved in liquor addiction, they will worry about them. And as a result, they will try to get rid of them from liquor because the parents also do not want their name to be bad in the neighborhood.
Medical Aspects
It is better for us to know what side effects from liquor either physically or spiritually. Knowing the side effect, hopefully, we will know the dangers of liquor and then avoid them.
The ones, who don’t know its dangers, will try to have it. And as a result, what happens? They will be addicted. Liquor contains alcohol that will have pathological influence on human being’s health. Here are the influences that you should know.
1. The ones who are chronically alcoholic, their body will sensitive and allergic to many kinds of diseases.
2. The liquor that has been consumed will affect vitamin B deficiency (Piridoksin, Riboflavin, Asam Folat, and Niacin). Then the liquor will also cause cardiovascular and neurotic diseases, for example: the disturbance of the formation of red blood cells, anemia, depression, and dermatitis.
3. The gastric that has often been stimulated by alcohol will affect the thin wall of the gastric. If the wall of the gastric becomes thinner, a wound or bleeding in the gastric can easily happens. This is very dangerous. When the condition like this is not treated soon, the person will die.
4. By lip genesis process, the alcohol is changed into fat. So the ones who are the liquor-addicted accumulated fat in their body. So, no wonder that an alcoholic usually has a fat body, but his fatness is considered not physiologic though he has a normal intake. The synthesis also happens in the heart. If the condition stands for a long time, it will cause a fatty liver. Finally, fatty infiltration causes the swollen of heart which can lead to a sudden death.
5. Stroke (broken brain blood vessels) is also related to alcoholic-addict. Most suffering causes death, and when they are safe, they will be paralyzed, dumb, and have weakness in the nerves.
6. According to Dr. Jacobs from Scotland, liquor will affect different chromosome that they inherit to their generation. Moreover the environment supports them to do the bad habits. Actually the addicted persons have parents who are also addicted. The research also shows that the alcoholic tend to be aggressive, get angry easily, suffer from soul’s harassment and like to make riots.
7. Alcoholism also causes hiperlipidemia, accumulation of fat in the heart. The mechanism is not clear, but some examiners found the increase of free fatty acid in blood plasma.
It is not easy to anticipate the growth of liquor in young generation. You know why? That caused the youth is considered a time to find their image and personality. So they are glad to try or imitate something new.
In fact the role of parents, school, and environment is very important to form their characters later. It is better for teenagers to talk to and make a dialogue with their parents. It is very important. On the contrary, their kids should notice what their parents say.
As the man power of development in the future, young generation should be well prepared physically and mentally. The preparation is very useful to make them have Great Spirit in their job and listen to the Almighty God. And as a result, they will not neglect their youth just to do negative things.
When we compare the total victims with the population of Indonesia that is just a little, but in reality the real number has not been detected yet. Why? Those caused most liquor-addicted persons do their bad habits stealthily.

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