My Last Memories in Dershane of Semarang

Senin, 01 Desember 2008

In 2008, November 7, I had an university graduation ceremony. At the beginning time, I felt happy but in the day of that event I've been fought by a person who made me angry and annoyed at that time. A new bolgie who had been voted as a new leader in dershane of Semarang. Yeah, because I wasn't an appropriate position as the occupant in dershane so that he didn't want to accept my criticisms by some messages which I have been sent to him when he went to Bandung in camping held at fasting day ago.
At that time I tried to apologized to him for my fault because that's not good according to my friend. Anyway...He insulted me like that:"How dare you! Who are you! "If you're not our friend, you would be got another story from me. You must received me as your new leader whoever and whatever I was. It is like as whenever you worked in a factory or firm. Of course, you must received your leader whatever about his condition. If you didn't want to welcome him as good as possible certainly you would be fired from your job. Understood! I thought that he was such an arrogant dictator leader of him, "said to myself. I also could only say:"damned you" in my mind at that time. He also wanted somebody respecting him but he couldn't respect the other.
In the day before my university graduation ceremony took place, I would get permission in order that I could spend the night only a night but I should be got permission from bolgie at first. After I got that statement from my friends I became angry. So, why I must be got permission from bolgie? I usually got it just from the leader of dershane. In fact, we usually got permission when we wanted to spend the night to our friend's house or went home. That's insulting me. Was I strange people? or might be I just only...whatever they wanted to think and say something about me. I didn't care it. After that I decided to spend the night to my other friend's house. From here, I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stand because he has been forbidden me to spend the night at ufuk dershane. So, I tried to send some messages again and spread them to others. I wrote some bad messages (such verbal abuses) which I sent to him because I was angry to him. Then, I would better to decide out from dershane because it didn't comfortable anymore. Yeah, at last I did it.
Okay..from here, I just can only convey: thanks for your kindness to me, I know that I can pay all your meritorious. Dershane...especially for my beloved nur dershane...I miss you so much. I'll never forget you. So many sweet memories which remembering me when I stayed there. I also could realize that where there is rendezvous, there is farewell (wakare kai ga aru yo...). Thank you my beloved Abi-abi from Turkey, Amien Abi, Ufuk Abi, Yaenal Abi, Oemar Abi, Mathin Abi, Rivat Abi, and other..
And for my beloved Indonesian Abi-abi, Adib Abi, Ipul Abi, Isnawan Abi, Andi Abi, Rahmat Abi, Dendi Abi, Azka Abi, Yudi Abi, Doni Abi, Afida Abi, Anis Abi, Arif2 Abi,Wawan Abi, Ridlo Abi, Ponco Abi, Lutfi Abi, Jojo, and other...
Special for a new arrival dershane occupants: Gerhard, Muslim, Dhany...Keep on moving, guys! (Ganbatte kudasai ne.). Dur jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna, Kabhi alvida na kehna...
I just can say forgive me...I hope you want to apologize for my faults...So long! Sayou nara daisuki na hito...

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wafa_s blog 13 Maret 2009 20.00  

nice foto, punya sobat banyak mank menyenangkan ya....he...he... moga sobatku juga tambah banyak ajah.... update teyus blognya ya...good luck!?!nitip pesen satu, buatin puisi oke.... tak enteni...xi...xiii...

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