Rabu, 05 November 2008

Talking about social relationship is essentially talking about friends and enemies.

We only find enemies in the kind of bad guys who want to always do evil deeds to people like there are in action movies. Enemies are the antagonist in the plot. They are the trouble makers. But they are also the ones who make the stories exciting. Without them, the stories would go dull and boring. Without them, there would never be stories. Sometimes, it almost all of the stories are built based on the conflict. And conflict can be internal and external. It can be caused by someone else who’s really a rascal. Or it can be caused by us. Such an internal, inwardly, and self-psychological conflict would be sources for serious stories.
But in social relationship, there are some practicable techniques. We are talking about these in order to know them, and then to avoid practice these techniques or to cope with someone practicing these on us.

1. Gossip

This is the most practicable techniques to make the enemies. The more you gossip, chances are the more you may make enemies. And old saying: “if you can say nothing good about someone, then saying nothing.” And I believe this saying is true in many ways. I also believe that many people know that it is true. But they often forget by gossiping around and talking bad about our people, you should take time to think what advantages you can get by doing it.

2. Slander

There is nothing more evil in social relationship that slandering we get along well with. And it is still evil to slander those we don’t know yet. Because it is the last thing a sensible one to do. Gossip is bad. Maybe, the gossip is based on the facts and is really bad facts. But slander is worst, because it is usually intender to destroy other’s life no matter what it takes. So whether it is right or wrong is no longer important except for running other’s life.

3. Criticism

Tell someone that he is wrong and he will be your enemy. Tell someone that he is wrong in front of people, in public, and he will be the worst enemy. Tell him that he is wrong, and call him stupid in front of people who used to admire him, and he will be the worst of your worst enemies. And he will take revenge. Criticizing is a hot stuff to handle. Be careful, extra careful with it. Do it silently, humorously. Do it discretely. Do it politely. If you cannot, don’t do it otherwise, you create your own enemy.

4. Ridicule

No one would like to be ridiculed. No one would like to be mage fun of. Clowns are different. You can ridicule, belittle, scorn clowns as fiercely as possible and they will still laugh open-mindedly. But when you treat normal people as clowns and you ridicule them, they will be your enemies of life. Making enemies is as normal as making friends. But one enemy is too many. Thousands friends are to few. That is what the saying goes.

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