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Which country is home to the world’s largest restaurant? Where the world it’s tallest building? Find out wind in our Asian bragging-rights quiz.
1. Which country has the biggest religious structure in the world?
· Indonesia (No.10);
· Pakistan (No.23);
· Cambodia (No.8)
2. Incorrect, though Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court did spend 527 days on a civil case hearing a challenge to Ranasinghe Pramadasa’s 1988 election as president by opposition leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike. After considering testimony from 977 witnesses, the court rejected the challenge on September 1, 1992. Over to No. 14 to examine the evidence.
3. You can ride the largest currently operating ferries wheel, with a diameter of 328 feet (about the height of a 25-story building), in Yokohama. It has 60 gondolas, each with eight seats. Spin back to No.9 for another try.
4. To dine in the world’s largest restaurant, you would go to:
China (No.21);
Thailand (No.11).
5. Yes! The longest human centipede to move 98 feet was created by students from Nanyang Technological University on July 29, 1995. No one of the students, who were tied together with cloth strips at their ankles, left foot, fell over during the short walk. If you haven’t taken any wrong turns, you will have completed this quiz in only 14 steps (1-8-14-24-9-18-4-11-22-16-19-13-17-5).
6. No, but the tallest woman on record is from China. Zeng Jinlian (1964-82) of Hunan Province measured 8 feet, 13/4 inches, when she died. In fact, represents her height with an assumed normal spinal curvature because she could not stand up straight. Return to No.19.
7. No, though it does hold another cinematic record—the longest series of films. Between 1949 and 1995, 103 feature films have been in Hong Kong about 19th century martial-arts hero Huang Fei-Hong. Take a flying leap back to No.25.
8. Yes, The Angkor Watt, which Khmer king Suryavarman II built to the Hindu god Vishnu between 1113 and 1150, covers 402 acres. Before it was abandoned in 1432, its population was 80,000. Now jump to No.14.
9. Japan has a lot of bragging rights. Which sky-scraping record doesn’t it hold?
v Tallest Ferris wheel (No.3);
v Tallest Building (No.18);
v Tallest Statue (No.27).
10. Nope. Indonesia does have the biggest Buddhist temple, however. The Borobudur temple near Jogjakarta, which was built in the eighth century, is 103 feet tall and covers 162,847 square feet (about 33/4 acres). Try again at No.1.
11. Correct. Bangkok’s Royal Dragon (Mang Gorn Luang) restaurant, which opened in October 1991 can sea 5000 people. The service area covers four acres and the 541 waiters wear roller skates to help them serve 3000 dishes per hour. You can chew over your next question at No. 22.
12. Not quite. It’s true that the highest mountain. Everest sits on the Nepal-Tibet border. But the deepest valley? Back to No.22.
13. Correct! Haji Mohammad Alam Channa stands at 7 feet, 71/4 inches. Move on to No.17.
14. The longest criminal trial on record lasted two years. Where was this marathon legal tussle held?
Ø Hong Kong (No.24);
Ø Sri Lanka (No.2).
15. Correct! The screen, located at the Ssangyong Earthscape Pavilion in the Science Park, Taejon, measures 109 feet by 81 feet. Project yourself over to No.19.
16. Good choice. Nepal can lay partial claim to Mount Everest, but Tibet has the Yarlung Zangbo Valley, framed by the Himalayan peaks of Namche Barwa and Jala Peri, is 16,650 feet (just over three miles)deep. Explore more records at No.19.
17. Where did 1601 people tie themselves together to form the longest human centipede?
§ Malaysia (Go to No.26);
§ Japan (Go to No.20);
§ Singapore (Go to No.5).
18. Correct. Malaysia can claim that record. Kuala Lumpur’s twin Petronas Towers, due to be officially opened at the end of this year, stretch 1482 feet into the air. When a 241-foot stainless-steel pinnacle was placed on each 88 story tower in March 1996, the complex officially overtook the 1453-foot, 110-story Sears Tower in Chicago as the world’s tallest building. Out to No.4.
19. Where would you find the world’s tallest living man?
· Pakistan (Go to No.13);
· China (Go to No. 6)
· Myanmar (Go to No.28).
20. No, but it does hold another peculiar record—for the largest omelet. Cooked on March 19, 1994, in Yokohama, it contained 160,000 eggs and covered 1383 square feet (about half the size of a tennis court). Get cracking over to No.17.
21. No, but if you’re looking for a big night out in China, you can always visit Beijing’s National People’s Congress Building, the world’s largest building used for theatrical purposes. It covers nearly 13 acres and can seat up to 10,000 people. But the biggest restaurant? Look again at the menu at No.4.
22. You can find both the highest mountain and the deepest valley in Nepal. True or False?
v True (No.12);
v False (No.16)
23. No, though it’s the place to go if you’re looking for the biggest mosque. The Shan Faisal Mosque near Islamabad covers nearly 47 acres, including a roofed prayer hall that covers about 11/5 acres. The complex can house 100.000 worshippers in the prayer hall and courtyard, and another 200,000 in the grounds. Return to No.1.
24. Yes. The murder trial of 14 South Vietnamese boat people ran from November 30, 1992, to November 29, 1994, a total of 398 days in court. They were accused of killing 24 North Vietnamese during a February 1992 riot in a refugee camp. In the end, the defendants were acquitted, though some were convicted of lesser charges. Move to No.9 for further questioning.
25. Where would you go to watch a movie on the world’s largest permanently installed cinema screen?
Hong Kong (Go to No.7);
South Korea (Go to No.15).
26. Wrong. However, the longest line of coins on record was created in Kuala Lumpur. The line, consisting of more than two million 20-sen coins, measured more than 34 miles (or eight miles longer than Singapore Island). The coins were laid out on August 6, 1995, by representatives of the World Wide Fund for Nature and pharmaceutical company Dumex. Return to No.17.
27. The tallest statue, a 394-foot-high bronze effigy of Buddha, is located in Tokyo. A joint Japanese-Taiwanese project, it was completed in January 1993 after seven years of work. Return to No.9.
28. Wrong. Though Myanmar holds the record for the longest neck. Women of the Padaung, or Kareni, tribe extend their necks by increasing the number of copper coils around them. The longest recorded neck extension using this method is 153/4 inches. Back to No.19.

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