Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

Wonosobo is located about 50 kilometers from Semarang. It is a beautiful city with cool and nice weather. Besides Dieng mount, Wonosobo has many recreations places such as Kledung Pas, Bedakah, Plaza, Mangli, Kalianget, Telaga Menjer and Sendang Surodilogo. Dieng mount is twenty six kilometers North West of Wonosobo. At Dieng we could see temples which were built in different periods. The names of the temples are Arjuna, Srikandi, Puntadewa, Sembrodo, Gatutkaca, Bima, Dwarawati. Besides the temple we could also see other beautiful places such as Sekidang crater, Sileri crater, Merdada Lake, Semar cave, etc.
In Wonosobo there are many traditional dances such as Lengger Topeng dance which is improvement of Kuda Kepang dance. It’s performed by two persons, a man and woman or both women. This dance tells a story about a woman from a kingdom who left her palace to meet her lover. This dance is performed by using masks.
 Climate of Wonosobo cold cause city to into land for growing mushrooms excellent. Mushrooms can thrives. Therefore wonosobo have food for oleh-oleh form of chips fungi. Kripik mushroom is a snack made of fungus dried and given flour and fried. It was salty, if you want to try to come is Wonosobo.

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