Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

What have made the students boredom in learning?

Monotony doing the same thing over and over again without any appreciable change, and lack of challenge, teachers offer students uninspiring school subjects is cause boredom. A research proved that students might find subject such as history boring because their parents have not taught them or prepared them to be interested in academic subjects. Parents’ tent to act indifferently toward their present development in learning that is usually the most unstable time for them where a problem of learning often occurs.
Having or appearing a reciprocal conversation between parents and children to discuss the problem of boredom is helpful by doing so the resolution in reducing student’s boredom can be found. The following questions would be a great help for parents and children discussing and approaching the problem of boredom.

Are you up to date on your studying and homework?

Lack of understanding and preparing of the material would make students behind in studying and homework. It is parents work to courage students by giving insightful commentary to appreciate the necessary knowledge of the material until they find it interesting.
Do you pay attention?
It’s important question given to student, add with the good follow-up question. “Do you sometimes not pay attention?” The student would not be intimidated by such questions so that they will consciously explore what the matter is that makes them not pay attention so that parents wisely the real value for solving the boredom problem after having consulted the teacher.

Do you participate when you have a chance to participate?

Helping children to participate in class may in crease students or student’s interest. They have to be stimulated to give opinion and answer where the teacher himself could ask questions at random and direct some to individual so that everyone has chance to participate. This way will insist student on being socially aware to participate actively and increase their own interest in school. Just encourage children to do their part in class.

Do you ask question?

Encouraging children to ask one or two thoughtful question during class will increase the children involvement and interest rather than the proverbial. “Discussing what children had asked questions during class would be a warm conversation and a lot of fun for parents and children to spend their together at home.

Do you take notes when the teacher lectures?

Taking notes what the teacher is lecturing will increase the student’s involvement because they have to pay closer attention in order to transform the information in their words rightly. Furthermore, the student has already applied the knowledge being learned which depends the level of thinking and adds emotion touch. Frequent encouragement to take notes will make children get used to think deeply with emotion touch that heightens interest.

If you are allowed to write in your book, do you underline important passages while reading passages?

Studies indicating that underlining can be effectively employed by students where they are not only reading to comprehend but also evaluating the importance of the material at the same time. Encourage student’s concentration and involvement by reminding hem to write and underline important passages while reading.
The questions offered above are great information for us. As parents or would be future parents here after so that we and our children can play active parting reducing boredom by involving student’s interest in learning.
A parent and a teacher working in collaboration is a powerful way in rejuvenating student’s motivation to learn. Parents can help children to view school and respect formal learning and give the treatment as capable and lovable people. Teacher offered challenging school subjects that demand ability and effort of the students.
Parents and teacher s have responsibility to contact each other that it will work when between them there is one of gumption of attitude. One trust of feelings, and one cooperation of the action taken so that the can do mutually to help children to lessen their boredom and find stimulating learning situation for children.

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