Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

I was and old woman, well-known as a mystic person having ability to cure many incurable diseases. There were lots of people with incurable diseases healed by my spiritual power. One misty afternoon a young mother with deep sadness on her eyes come to my hut in which I’d lived for many years. I was in another town at that moment.
“Excuse me, sir! Do you know where’s the old woman living in this hut?” A young lady asked politely to a man passing by in front of my hut. “I’m so sorry, Madam! She’s been out of this village for the last two week. “The man answered.
“Oh, God 1 She’s my last hope, the one who can heal my daughter’s disease. Having ever been healed ask she was carried out by stream of the river. There’s no scare on my daughter body after being healed by her.
All of these villagers including me have known her will-known spiritual power. I feel sorry that you are unlucky because she is not here anymore. The night is about to come, and it is dangerous to stay here alone.” The man gave symphonic advice to her.
Finally, the young mother hopelessly came back to her place in vain. I was in a town with the old body of mine that getting weaker more and more. Beside me, there’s Blacky, the name of my cat having black fur.
“My lovely Blacky, I have difficulties in doing activity with this old body. Go and find your own victim. “I said to my lovely Blacky while giving a caress to harsh fur on his body.
After having licked my face, my lovely cat jumped outside the window.
On the other side of this town, there’s a girl studying in her room with opened window. Suddenly, Blackyjumped inside the room, his arrival was welcome by the girl.
“Oh, there is sweet cat. Who does this cat belong to?” she asked herself and then lifted Blacky up into her arms.
Being in the girl’s arm made Blacky licked her face easily. Then, Blacky jumped from her arms on to the window and went outside. After Blacky’s gone, the girl felt a great strange of changing of appearance that was getting older and older as an old woman. She was shocked and terrified.
I saw that Blacky and had come back at my place. He quickly licked me. Then, it could be seen there’s changing on my appearance. My name was July now, a student of famous university in this town and daughter of a very rich family. More over I did enjoy my new position. At college I felt awkward with new circumstances.
“Hi, Jully! Damn you! If you keep on dating with Andy, I swear you won’t feel safe in this college! “a girl with a curly hair snapped at me rudely.
You’re right, Sally! I support you to make this little bitch go to the hell, another girl gave support to her friend, Sally.
Then both of them pushed me very hard until I fell down. I kept silent but deep in my heart I would take a revenge of what they done to me. Next, I walked to my class room. “Hi, sweet girl! How are you?” yes. You look very nice afternoon to what we’ve planned for several days.”
Several girls confused me with their questions. May be they are July’s best friend and I went to Susan’s house. There Susan and her mother gave a warm welcome to us. We had a chat with her for several hours. Actually, her condition seemed well at the time, but suddenly she carried out painfully while holding her head.
It’s OK. She will fine soon. She’s used to like that,” Susan’s mother came to her room immediately and explained her condition to us sadly. I preferred there when July’s best friends decide to go home. In the living room, when I was accompanying Susan’s mother, she said to me that she had tried all things she could do. There’s no doctor who could handle Susan’s disease. She then told me that she had visited and old woman having spiritual power in a tiny village as her last hope. Unfortunately, the mystic women had not been there. “You know, mom! I’m the old women whom you have been looking for as your last hope. My words really surprised her. “How can she be yourself, you’re so young?” She said unbelievably
It’s the approval of my great spiritual power. Have you heard and old woman who commit suicide by bumping herself in front of the passing train? The old body is mine, Mom! And now I’m placing the young body of the girl namely July.
I could see her face terrified with my horrifying explanation. I promise you that I could heal Susan’s disease as long as you wish, Mom! Of course I hope you to give me a good payment of my great effort to heal your daughter’s incurable disease…incurable disease! I said to her firmly.
“OK! Whenever you wish and you’ve made your mind up you can contact me. Now, it’s time for me to go. Then I left her in confusion. Two-weeks passed. Susan’s disease was getting worse and worse until finally she was unconscious for days. Susan’s mother was very worried. She contacted me and asked me for help that I agreed.
At night, I ordered my lovely Blacky cat to take under his next duty. Then, he went to Susan’s room and as usually he licked her face. After that he went around looking for the girl namely Sally as his following victim.
Blacky found Sally joking with her gangs in front of a café. Wow, damn cat! I hate it go away! She was very frightened when my Blacky jumped on to her shoulder licking her face. “Its pity Sally’s very afraid of cat!!” her gangs exclaimed worryingly.
The following day, I heard the condition of Susan was getting so much better. The doctor even found there’s no brain cancer on her. On the other place, I also heard the news of Sally’s death caused by great painfulness on her head.
The baby of my payment came. Susan’s mother still showed sadness and confusion on her face.
“Yes, that true, Mom! I have a spiritual power, to transfer one’s pain to another one and even one’s soul to another. It’s my spiritual power too, transferring your daughter’s disease to someone else. Now give my payment,” I smirk to her confidently.
Out of sudden, she pierced my stomach with a knife that made it bleeding. “I’m sorry, I have to kill you. I’m too terrified. “She said in trembling voice and left me alone.
Fortunately, there’s my lovely cat. He came and licked my face, then went outside. The following day I heard that Susan had died with her stomach bleeding. It drove Susan’s mother crazy. People said she was hospitalized and taken care by shy………………………………………………………………………………………….....................................................
I was so bored. As walking alone the street, they lovely cat and I was surprised with Sally’s gang in front of the same café the day before. They got angry to see Blacky that made them beat him cruelly. They went away after having been satisfied in beating Backy.
I cried grizzy for the condition of Blacky. He had made me still keep alive for 200 years. No body knew that actually the owner of the spiritual power was Blacky exhaled his last breath. The eternities of my life was getting less and disappear. My young body is getting older and older. Then it becomes dry. My body then, turned into dust and vanished.

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