Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

Have you ever been to Jepara? It’s nice place. Jepara is one of the small towns in Central Java. Besides that, Jepara is also famous because of the national heroine. As you know, R. A Kartini was born in Jepara. Jepara isn’t far from Semarang. It will take about two hours to reach Jepara from Semarang because Jepara is only 70 kilometers from Semarang. This coastal town has been famous for its decorative carving. Furniture,with decorative carving is easy to find thorough in all the cities in Indonesia, particularly in big towns. Furthermore, Jepara wood carving has reached Asian countries, even in European countries and African countries.
Local decorative wood carvers inherit their carving skill from their previous generation. They are skillful enough to produce the carving. On the other hand, it is said that the children in Jepara have equal obligation to follow their father’s trade and inherit skill for decorative carving. Nowadays the decorative wood skill can be gained in one year of study and the place is situated on “tahunan”. Jepara has another school of decorative wood carving that was built by government in this case the minister of education and culture. This school can be finished in three years of study.
Most of the students in Jepara who graduated from senior high school want to continue their study to the decorative wood carving school. Recently there have been other students from different towns coming to continue their study in decorative carving. Those who have finished their study in decorative carving usually start wood carving business in their own town. There a lot of types of wood carving such as, sleeping bed, dining table, chairs, rocking chairs, and so forth. Antique mirror and rocking chair has attracted many customers either the rich who drive privet cars or the poor who use public transportation. There are various shapes of mirrors such as oblong, oval, and so on. Most of the mirrors with decorative carved frame are usually called “bird” mirror. The other names of carving chairs are “elephant“that due to their big size and strength.
If you want to get Jepara wood carving, you can go to Jepara because it’s a worth trip to visit there. Jepara has some nice beaches that you can swim there, such as “Tirto Samudro” beach, Kartini beach, “Bondo” beach and Benteng Portugis beach. The most interesting beach is “Tirto Samudro”.
That’s my story about Jepara and don’t forget to buy some wood carving there. The first thing you have to do is to make your pocket thick enough. Have a nice trip, guys!

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