Indonesian Cultural Ceremonies

Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2008

Indonesia is rich in traditional arts and cultures from different ethnic groups. They are Bull Races, Ngabens, Sekatens, Ramayana Ballets, Kesadas, Shadow Puppets, Torajans, Burial Ceremonies, Labuhans, Wooden Puppets, Kecak Dances. Have you ever seen about them? Are you foreign tourist from England, Dutch, Japan, Turkey and wherever you are come from I thought you have ever seen them if you have ever been visited Indonesian, my beloved country.

Bull Race is a festival held in various regions of Island Madura to celebrate an occasion after the harvest time. It is often accompanied by dance performances. Ngaben is a Hindu ceremony in which people burn the dead to free the soul from the body, letting it go to its final destination. Sekaten is a ceremony in Yogyakarta to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammad. Ramayana Ballet is a traditional dancing performance held in the front court of Prambanan Temple. Kesada is an offering ceremony at the crater of Mount Bromo. Offerings such as: rice, fruits, vegetables and flowers are sacrificed to the God Betoro Bromo. Shadow puppet is traditional art from Central or East Java performed with leather puppets held by the dalang. Torajan Burial Ceremony is a funeral feast in which buffaloes are slaughtered, each by single stroke of the sword. The blood is collected in bamboo containers to be cooked along with the meat and distributed among the guests. Labuhan is a ceremony held on beaches in which people throw offerings to the sea to please the goddess of the South Sea, Nyai Roro Kidul. Wooden Puppet is traditional art from West Java. It is a play using figures carved and painted on wood, shaped like characters in the Mahabarata and Ramayana. Kecak Dance is a traditional Balinese dance which is performed by hundred chanting and swaying men dressed in loin cloths.

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