The Habit of Saving

Kamis, 25 September 2008

People save their money for many reasons. They may want to buy a car, a home, or to take a trip. Many parents save money to finance their children's education. Some people put money aside to deal with a sudden illness or other emergency needs.
Do you have any pocket money? I supossed your parents give you some pocket money frequently. But what is it for? Do you spend it to fulfill your school needs, to watch a film, or to treat your friends? Do you have a habit of saving? It is all right for you to enjoy your youth. But if you can put some of your money aside and save it, you will get some benefits because of your good habit. You can use your savings to fulfill your needs or to overcome your financial difficulties in the future. The practice of saving is a good habit. So, why don't you improve it?

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